Gawler Arms Hotel
our history
The Giannitto family name is synonymous with the hotel industry and the excellent quality food, great service and clean family environment for which patrons have come to expect in their Hotels over the past 38 years.

Antonio and Teresa Giannitto and family have been operating the Gawler Arms Hotel since 1971. They are the longest serving hotel operators in Gawler and have created a business that is renowned in the northern areas for the standard and quality of food and service.

During this 38 year history in the hotel industry their children (Angelo, John, Sandro and Sognia) have been brought up in the hotel environment and have helped in many aspects of the business. To this end all of them have an affinity and passion for the family businesses that includes the Southern Hotel in Gawler and Taminga Hotel in Clare.

Head Chef Mr. Michael Perin has been instrumental to the success of the food operations since starting with the Giannitto’s at the Gawler Arms Hotel 25 years ago.

With the success of the Gawler Arms, the Giannitto family purchased the South End Hotel in the year 2000 and after major renovations re opened the Southern Hotel in 2001. Though this hotel was successful for 6 years as an entertainment facility it was here that the idea of providing the same extensive menu and pricing with sensational service revolving around the popular all you can eat soup salad and vegetable buffet was realised. This has enabled the Giannitto family to focus on “food cooked fresh from our family to yours” and deliver a consistent quality product with great service in comfortable surroundings where families are made to feel welcome.
In 2004 the Giannitto family took ownership of the Taminga Hotel and in 2009 a major renovation of the hotel was complete, offering Clare a new dining and entertainment venue.

The refurbishment of the building focuses on enhancing the historical beauty of the building from years gone by.
The façade has been slightly modified with the majority of the expansion at the rear of the building creating larger area for bistro dining whilst still maintaining the popular front bar that is appreciated by locals and tourists alike.
The front bar has been opened up and includes a new slate bar as part of the front bi-fold windows (over-looking the main street) – something that is proving popular during the summer evenings.

The inside of the hotel was entirely guttered in various stages and throughout the process of renovation beautiful existing structures of the building unfolded.

The building is well over 100 years old and the aim was to maintain these historical features as much as possible. The Giannitto Family have found a perfect blend of historical structure of the place complimented with contemporary furnishings and décor that would appeal to most people. With various comfortable areas within the hotel, there is something to cater for everyone. A Lounge Bar adjacent to our Gaming Room ideal for an afternoon coffee, the front bar suited for the night time entertainment crowd, a small function room ideal private gatherings or business seminars, outdoor courtyards and of course a large bistro dining area to cater for hungry families.

The Taminga’s food offering follows our motto – ‘Food Made Fresh From Our Family To Yours’, truly captures our families passion for food and service.

These exciting renovations contributed to the Taminga Hotel receiving the prestigious award as Winner of the 2009 AHA SA Best Hotel Redevelopment (Country).



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